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How can Chiropractic help?


Many health conditions can be helped with Chiropractic treatments.
Over the years I have made a series of notes relating to health issues that are a synopsis of what I have learned from other health professionals. This way I have gathered a good range of recommendations that will assist you on a pathway to good health and wellness. I attend many seminars on a regular basis to keep up with advancements and changes. I have been doing this for over 50 years now so have learned a few things!

Joint Health


The most common joint problem in our societies is inflammation and that inflammation is commonly called arthritis when it affects the joints. This is like a fire within your body system. The use of naturally based formulations is a much safer way of gaining relief as compared to the use of Drugs. My office carries a good range of joint support supplements which are safe and effective. Some are practitioner only and can be more expensive than those that are available elsewhere, but are usually more effective, come from reputable suppliers and are backed by good studies.

Athletics and Sports


If you want to ensure your fitness is as good as possible, it is absolutely vital that your spinal function is right. You will play much better sport, you will have much better flexibility when your spine is free of subluxations. Many top sports people gave their own Chiropractors as they know that under Chiropractic they can play better, feel better and can give an optimal performance.

ACC Compensation


Accident Compensation is available for Chiropractic patients. You do not need a referral and providing your injury was caused by some form of accident e.g. lifting or falling, you can usually make a claim for assistance for Chiropractic treatments.

ACC will pay for up to 16 treatments and will on any individual claim pay $25.95 per visit. We have a charge over and above that fee which is known as a surcharge. ACC from time to time will request a report on a case and we provide them with our findings, the treatment received and the results of the treatment.

Spinal Subluxation


Spinal subluxation can cause a variety of symptoms and will at times mimic other problems e.g. pain felt near the heart may be caused from spinal subluxations and on being located and corrected the pain disappears.

Pain is like the red light on the dash of your car. It is there to tell you that something is wrong. We do not ignore the things that go wrong in our cars; we should not ignore what our body is telling us. Stiffness or lack of normal joint movement can be hiding quite a few problems that Chiropractors can work on.

You should have your spine checked on a regular basis. This will enable your body to function better and you will feel better in yourself.



Patients often make the comment -

“I wish that I had come to you years ago."

Rather than come down with a crisis in your life, find out how you can over come health issues with the use of naturally based alternatives.

Chiropractic is a good place to start – Follow then the chiropractic lifestyle, you can learn so much more!

Naturally Based Lifestyles


Chiropractors can give you advice on how to live a naturally based lifestyle which will ensure that you are much happier and healthier. If you can avoid many of the commonly prescribed drugs you will often do yourself a great favour. I can then give you advice as to what are good researched alternatives that are out there and which many Medics will also recommend if they have done independent research. Quite often a Health Professional will have had some kind of a crisis in their own lives and then turned to natural alternatives. Often this has happened when they have come down with a drug induced or drug aggravated disease. Dr Ron Sim has an extensive knowledge of health and has been studying health and disease for over 50 years so is a good source knowledge.