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Dr Ron Sim


Ron Sim is an American Chiropractic College Graduate from the Lincoln Chiropractic College now amalgamated with the National College in Lombard Illinois.

Ron’s late Father Douglas Sim began practising in 1931 and had also attended the same College in 1929. The practice is one of the oldest practices in NZ.

Ron has been in practice for 51 years and has a lot of good knowledge and experience having attended a great many extra courses overseas and here in NZ. He is a Doctor of Chiropractic which is known as a DC Degree.
Ron has a broad based knowledge of health and health related issues and is well qualified and well read in the health sciences which have been one of his great life interests.

He is a regular attender of the Weston Community Church which is a Presbyterian Church and has been a regular contributor to the work of the Church and its support services. Ron is also a member of the Waitaki Old Boys Association and is on the WBHS Committee which supports the work of WBHS.

As the world’s largest drugless health profession, Chiropractic has a lot to offer.


As the Commission of Inquiry into Chiropractic here in NZ stated years ago ...

“Chiropractic is far from an unscientific cult.”

As a Chiropractor my desire is to be able to help you, the patient. If you are not already a patient and are curious about Chiropractic, you have already made a good start by coming here.

Spinal and joint function along with the musculoskeletal systems and the body’s nerve system is an absolutely vital part of who and what you are. Hippocrates the Father of Healing had said “Look well to the spine as a cause of disease.” He was so right. If you neglect your spinal and joint health you are really living on a lesser plane than you need to be.

Overall health, prevention and wellness are something that we should all aspire to. With a natural approach, good health and wellness are attainable. If you are neglecting or abusing your body in any way, you will pay the price of ill health. Keep away from known irritants that society uses, e.g. drugs, eating foods that are overly processed, working in toxic environments, smoking and drinking alcohol to excess. These are sure recipes to illness and a short life.

As a Doctor of Chiropractic, I am also a teacher with good knowledge about many areas of health. I have accumulated a whole series of notes on various conditions and attended hundreds of lectures on health from a variety of good teachers from various health disciplines. I read extensively on issues of health and wellness. This enables me to provide you with the most up to date information that is available on natural approaches to improving your health.

The Sim Family with my late Father as a Chiropractor have been involved in this profession for over 80 years. There is much that I can share with you and this website along with what our office can provide you with, gives some good keys to enabling you to have a better lifestyle rather than struggling with issues that you have not really addressed.

Do not neglect then your spine and joint health. You will be a much happier person and those around you will see the difference in the way you live.